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Graham Hooper – Sometimes a CAVE is all we need when we are looking for a continuous process of success.

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If you want to know more about using a CAVE let me explain more….

Success is about not finding a haven and saying I have achieved. success is a continuous journey, that requires persistence and motivation.

Success is a process rather than a final destination, we thrive and are generally happier when we have something to get out of bed for. This is far better for our mental health and also can help us overcome that fear of failure, as there will be many battles along the way and often to win the war we lose a few battles.

If we think passing a test is the end of our journey and all we have to do is sit back and relax, you will probably find that you will become bored and disenchanted with what you are doing

We can harness our continual professional and personal development if we adopt a mindset and use our mental tools along the way. CAVE for me is a simple acronym that reminds me of what I need to consider to help myself on that continual path of development and so I would like to share that with you.

  • Curiosity, we are all born with a desire to learn and if you watch children they are sponges for knowledge about what interests them. Somewhere along the way, Adults can tend to lose that thirst for knowledge. Imagine having a job where there are opportunities to learn and develop from those around you, who have become experts in their own right by investing in their own continual professional and personal development.
  • Aspiration is needed and quite often when we see a challenge come along, as humans we tend to see the pitfalls, cost, time, effort etc than the long-term benefits. Picturing how good it will feel to achieve something, like a Grade A, a pass on your part 3 or to become a trainer of trainers helps us to become more motivated to put in the effort.
  • Vulnerability can keep us in our comfort zone. This though heeds improvement and development and is a block to success. You should be willing to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Evaluation is a key factor. Raising your self-awareness is essential. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we often have blind spots that we are not even aware of. We don’t know what we don’t know and fostering a mindset of growth, will help you become the success you want to be.

You know you can bring a lot of your own experience to help others and your passion for helping others may be the reason that led you into wanting to be a driving instructor. Developing your expertise, maintaining focus, becoming persistent, and being inquisitive so that you can serve others and forge ahead with your career are essential ingredients.

Now you have a CAVE to help nurture your success. Take the plunge and find a course that will help you succeed and become the best version of yourself that you can be.

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