PDIADI | National Driving Instructor Development

Buckle up long post alert…. Having being a PDI for 6 months I was really struggling with everything, there was just something missing in my lessons and training! Can’t say how much I’ve spent on useless trainers and adis just in case my partner sees. I just didn’t “get it” and was on the verge of calling it a day thinking there was more to life than stressing about how rubbish my lessons felt to me, of course my pupils enjoyed them but I was coming away thinking I’m just surviving not actually learning. Then I came across route 51 and my initial thought was “here we go more wasted money but what’s a few extra hundred in the shrinking training account” well that few hundred pound was the missing link and a certain Mr Hooper! The course itself was invaluable but meeting Graham I learnt more in a few hours than I had this whole blasted journey, honestly could have cried. His way with words, teaching style was something I’d never experienced and it actually sat in my head for weeks. It made me actually like the career I’d chosen and he knew what would work for me rather than me giving him a role play lesson which doesn’t work for me. Anyway my thumb hurts but I passed my part 3 today and this wouldn’t have happened without Graham. I know it’s a massive achievement and I’m grateful but after time with Graham it’s made me realise actually the learning doesn’t stop there I need to aim higher and with further courses from Tri coaching that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

Graham Martin Sandwich, Kent
Jun 13, 2022