PDIADI | National Driving Instructor Development

I have recently completed Sally’s part 3 and Standards check course. I was really impressed with the way Sally worked to cover all elements in great detail but at the same time making it easy to understand. Her friendly down to earth personality puts you at ease and I love that she is happy to share mistakes that she had made herself in the past. I feel after completing the course I have a much clearer understanding of the standards check and what I personally need to work on. I will be starting the questioning tools and techniques course soon and I’m really looking forward to increasing my knowledge and putting it into practice. Thankyou Sally!! *Updated* I have also now completed the Questioning tools and techniques course and found it incredibly useful and inspiring. I have come away with a much clearer understanding of not only what questions to ask but also how I should be asking questions to get my clients to really think for themselves. I was really nervous to do the role play in the break out rooms but ended up finding it extremely useful. Sally has a way of making you feel at ease on her courses and really knows her stuff. Once I was reaching the end of the course I could see that she was using the same techniques to train us, as what we were all learning ourselves. Thankyou again Sally I’m sure I will be ‘seeing’ you again soon