Scaling – The Bigger Picture – Fiona Taylor


This is a certificated Zoom Workshop delivered by Fiona Taylor. In this workshop, Fiona will be looking at ‘Scaling’ in a fresh new way.

Scaling can be as basic as 4 out of 5 stars or even a score of 8 out of 10.
– OR
It can be a way for a multitude of information and details to be explored that may not be evident from an initial glance at the number (or indeed a star) rating alone. How often do you read the full Reviews to see ‘why’ a product has 4.5 stars? Does the rest of the information matter to you? Knowing a number does not provide solutions or results, nor a plan of action.

There is so much more to scaling than the number itself.

Engaging in this workshop will demonstrate practically how scaling on a deeper level is a really powerful tool for you to explore and develop in your unique way as an ADI or PDI.
Your Drivers will love the results they see, too! The course also helps with techniques for engaging people who are reluctant to Scale themselves.

This course combines Client-Centred, engaging training techniques to give you solutions to these issues and more.

If you want to feel that your efforts are matched by your Drivers at the end of the day, plus see the results that you want, then this course is for you.

I took the scaling course with Fiona Taylor online.
Really interesting and it works. I’ve been doing this job for 30 years and there is always more to learn and improve.
Used it with 3 pupils since and all improved, enjoyed and better still gave more interaction during lesson.
Thanks Fiona!
Sue Curry


Fiona’s scaling course was an absolute pleasure to be a part of, until now I never realised how scaling could be used as such a powerful analytical tool, but in a very positive success based way. Thank you Fiona can’t wait to try it out on my students!
Iwan Williams

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